Looking for tutor for OOP class

Hi everyone, I dont know if this is the right channel to ask this but im starting to fall behind pretty hard in my OOP class, I really need to catch up on a couple programing assignments.

Is there anywhere you reccomend for someone to be able to sit down for couple hours and explain stuff?

There should be a spot on-campus for exactly this. At this point, though, you just need to schedule an entire weekend to work your way through the missing assignments.

Unfortunately, for programming stuff, there are no shortcuts. You really have to keep up with the work. Everything future builds on stuff learned previously.

Here’s an (unsolicited) hint:

Being careful with time actually helps a lot. Schedule, say, forty minutes for each subject. Study it in that time frame. When the forty minutes are up, stop, even if you haven’t made it through the material you wanted to cover for that session.

Take a ten or twenty minute break (eat, read, take a walk, watch some TV, anything), then work on your next subject.

It sounds counterintuitive, but this way you do not fall behind.

PS I didn’t mark your post, but this really belongs in the “Jobs” section. (And, alas, you won’t likely find anyone here that can help you these days. This forum is kind of past its life.) I googled “free online programming help” and there might be something in there that can be of use.
For a different take on your lecture notes, have a look at:

If you have a specific C++ question(s) just ask it/them here. Is there a part of OOP that you're struggling with?

I can help you out with what I know currently. Tag me if you are interested.
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