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C++ move constructor spot untold error
Good day admin Please what could be the error in c++ code below. The c++ syntax below is pouring out strange error. #include <iostream> #include <strin...
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by lul
help with reference usage
Write your question here. Hi, compiler gave me error about the reference line: vector<int>& c = res.back(); and c = res.back(); I cant figure out why i ca...
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by demhat
how to make ignorance in sequence scanf input
hi guys, here in this code, it's working if I execute scanf functions one by one (independently, as I take others in comment line). However, I tried different ...
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by Mif
C language. Code working in debug mode and not in release why?
Hello.. I'm currently working on a RPG game I use VS 2019 and I use 'C' language. I am a bit confuse, and I hope you guys make me understand why this is possib...
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