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HI All,
I am writing code from the Book C++20. The code I write into VS Community 2022 works fine except that I have to change the language version. I have to go into properties and change the language from VS C++ 14 to C++ 20.
Does anyone know how I can make C++ 20 the default case?

Not sure if you can change the default settings for new projects with the built-in VS project templates 🙄

But you can try creating your own template:
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Yes you can change the default language standard to C++20, it just isn't very intuitive.


The instructions given by helios show how to modify the library paths, you simply go to the C++ language standard settings to change those. I've done it myself following the instructions given in the thread.

Read the entire thread, VS 2022 changed slightly the menu option for the procedure, I mention the change.
oooh so that's what swag in that context stands for. I've been using it correctly, but without actually knowing its origin.
So's I guess SWAG wasn't too intuitive either, eh?
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