Why different posts have different amount of replies?

Some of posts easily earns tens of replies, but my posts often have only one or two replies. What is the reason of that?
I can only speak for myself....you have asked 2 questions so far before now.

2 very specific, narrowly focused questions that aren't likely to generate more than a couple of replies at most.

1. How can I install a specific version of GCC on Windows?

2. How can I install gdb using mingw-get?

You might as well ask how many angels can dance on the head of transistor.

@George P

Thanks for reminding. I will ask more useful questions from now on.
It's not that your question isn't "useful", it's just that it's very narrowly focused. There's not much you can do about this, imo.

You start with the set that is the entirety of the C++ forum. As soon as you go into Windows-specific programming, you will already have lost a large portion of what people are interested in helping with. It's further narrowed down by the fact that you aren't talking about actual programming per-se, but about setting up compilers/other tools in order to do programming, which is frankly boring and tedious. Finally, it's narrowed down even more by the fact that you're talking about a specific toolchain and version (MinGW).

Depending on how narrow of a question something is, the chances shift towards you being able to get a faster reply on a dedicated forum to the project you're asking about. (Don't mistake this as me saying that the questions aren't welcome; it's just that you should expect a more modest amount of replies.)
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I don't usually look at a post and think "this post deserves a reply". Instead I reply when I think I have something worth adding. But before that I need to find it worth while to click on it, read the post, read all the replies, and then write an answer. Sometimes the topic doesn't interest me enough, sometimes I feel like I don't have time, and sometimes it feels like a question that has been answered hundreds of times already. Sometimes I don't know the answer well enough so I leave it to others to reply.

If I have made a reply to help someone and get follow up questions, especially if there is no one else replying, then I often feel obliged to continue trying to help the person, and that can sometimes generate a lot of replies back and forth.
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Quality, not quantity. Narrow, focused questions are great: we see what you want, and if we can help, we usually will. But, when its highly specialized, there may not be an expert here with what you need. Its FINE to post your question on a few forums, and link them together (just post a link to the other version of the question) when you post it. I think there are less than 50 regular posters here, with a variety of skillsets...
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oddy wrote:
I will ask more useful questions from now on.

Very specific, narrowly focused questions can be useful if they get answers.

Your 2 questions (so far) are good, useful questions. They received answers. Topical, to the point, answers.

Expecting lots of replies is a different issue. I've asked questions/made comments as starting topics in the past and rarely get more than a few replies. It doesn't "bum" me out.

More than a few times I never had a single reply.

Remember, no one here is paid to be tutors/instructors. This is all voluntary, time and knowledge given freely.

Some questions/topics are more catnip-ish to the regulars than others so will generate more replies.

This particular thread might be one of those as well.
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In addition to what everyone else has said, more replies in itself doesn't mean you're receiving better help, which is presumably what you want. It could be that a thread gets a lot of replies because people have gone off on some tangent, or worse still people have started to argue with each other about what the correct answer is.
More replies often means just more information to sift through.

Now, maybe you want a lot of replies for some weird reason, in which case I ask that you take it elsewhere.
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When I ask a question then I'm rather glad not to get many answers because then I had to deal with several opinions which makes it rather hard to get the right answer.

So when you ask a question and a single answer solved it you did everything right.
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