Where to download C++ software?

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I am wanting to learn C++ but I am unable to find a site to download the software. There are many sites for IDEs but I prefer my current text editor.

Can any body provide a site to download the software?

Im wanting to build a macro, maybe into a simple text editor, that can be inserted into a User Library within CodeIgniter. If I can achieve that then CodeIgniter will do whatever I want, & not be so limited as it is in the current form.
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What os are you using? For Windows, the best is VS2019 Community which is free and has the c/c++ compilers, ide, editor, debugger etc all included. https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/vs/
Im running Win10. VS is an IDE. I want C++ software.
Hello bensan,

Another popular IDE is Code:Blocks https://www.codeblocks.org/ Under Downloads -> Binary releases you should find a version for your operating system.

Other IDEs would be JetBrains CLion, but aftre about 30 days they want you to buy the program

Code light https://www.codelite.org/ A simple no frills IDE.

DevC++ is OK, but after adjusting the program from the pre2011 standards it is set up for the best you can do is the 2011 standards. There is a newer version, I believe it is called version 6, but it is not a Bloodshed Software product. Anyway it is best to stay away from this one.

Thanks Andy. I dont want an IDE coz Im familiar with my current editor.

I want the C++ software so that I can start programming.

Then you can compile and run from the command line, using whichever editor you like. I have never felt any need to use a bloated IDE than takes an eternity to load and creates a mass of unnecessary project files.

It effectively packages up the gnu C, C++ and Fortran compilers. You will also get things like gdb (a debugger), gprof (a profiler) etc.
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VS is an IDE. I want C++ software.

VS is the MS c/c++ compilers, debugger, code analysis etc etc. You can use it to compile from the command line if you really want (cl.exe) and use your own editor for the source files - but this is making your life harder than it needs to be! It has a huge range of configuration options (including the in-built editor). Once you move from one simple C++ program to multiple compilation units, you'll appreciate it's benefits!

Im wanting to build a macro, maybe into a simple text editor, that can be inserted into a User Library within CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is a PHP library or do you mean sth. else ?
Thanks @lastchance. I OPENED http://mingw-w64.org/ THEN http://mingw-w64.org/doku.php THEN http://mingw-w64.org/doku.php/download/win-builds THEN http://win-builds.org/doku.php THEN http://win-builds.org/doku.php/download_and_installation_from_windows & CLICKED ON Win-builds 1.5.0 & GOT http://win-builds.org/1.5.0/win-builds-1.5.0.exe & received in my downloads folder.

I am new to C++ however Im unsure if the above is the right track. Im looking for a site which has a DOWNLOAD button for C++.

My understanding of programming is I must download the basic software & the above .exe file does not appear to be that.
@seeplus - I already have VS installed which I did for Python but Python wont build macros. So Im venturing into C++ but I need the software just the same as I downloaded the software for Python.

@seeplus - I have Visual Studio Code installed. I want to compile in my familiar text editor, UltraEdit.
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@thmm No, CodeIgniter is not a PHP library. CodeIgniter is a PHP framework which has its own libraries.
Go to the downloads section and hit the icon for the Windows builds. It should take you
and you can click the link "Sourceforge".

You will have to put up with 5 seconds of adverts and then your installer will become available (mingw-w64-install.exe). Download it and run it.

You may have to configure your path variable to find the binaries after installation. I set up a batch file to that. It's a while since I installed so I can't tell you every option to choose on the setup, but I recall it being reasonably obvious.
MSYS2 (which is what I use) has installation instructions for the compiler and build tools on the main page:
I use MSYS2 as well. Easy to install, easy to keep up-to-date, excellent command-line tools such as an editor and make.

Can create 32- and 64-bit executables without too much hassle is another plus IMO.
@lastchance - OK, I downloaded & installed but no desktop shortcut so I created one & when I clicked it just produced the Sourceforge window in a browser. I want something more simpler.
you can't really have it both ways without an IDE. If you want a one-click answer, that will be an IDE, which you said you did not want. Otherwise its going to install a suite of command line tools that you can use to build programs while using your favorite text editor.

I get it, so here is what I do, for better or worse:
I run visual studio and g++ (cygwin flavor) and notepad ++ (text editor with syntax colors and more).
you create the project in visual studio (forget g++ for now) and get it all set up so it will compile and run and stuff. This is your one click on the desktop answer. When you want to edit one of the files, you can open it in your text editor and do that. Just use visual studio to build and debug and run it. (The reason I do this is VS removed macros for some unholy reason and VS is very particular about coloring syntax, n++ is simple to get the colors I want and not having to change 34 entries to get comments all the same color).

it is also possible to make a one stop batch file that can do most simple programs (linking libraries or larger projects won't be as easy). You can literally drag and drop the files you need onto it, using the %1 %2 arg stuff. But again, it only works for small homework sized problems and you will eventually outgrow it.
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@JLBorges - Ive opened that site but it appears as if it is another IDE. MSYS2 provides up-to-date native builds for GCC, mingw-w64, CPython, CMake, Meson, OpenSSL, FFmpeg, Rust, Ruby, just to name a few.

I want the C++ software so that I can create a C++ program.
this isnt like python or other simple languages.
'the c++ software' means a lot of libraries, multiple executable files, and more. What is it you think you would be starting from the desktop?
An IDE puts the compiler, linker, debugger, libraries, and the things you created (programs, or more libraries, or whatever) all in one place. Nothing else really does that -- its going to be in pieces that you have to manage yourself if you do not use one.
@jonnin my text editor is UltraEdit which is also an IDE, & Im familiar with it, so I dont need to waste my time getting familiar with another IDE. I do have VS installed but I am not familiar with it.

I have recently learned a little Python but before I could learn anything I had to download the Python language software. So I am now wanting to download C++ language software.
I want the C++ software so that I can create a C++ program.

I already have VS installed

Then just go into VS 2019 Installer/modify/desktop development and add c++. Then you'll be able to compile C++ programs.

PS Don't confuse VS Code with VS2019. They are very different beasts. VS2019 is the one with the compilers etc. VS Code is just a glorified code editor.
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