public member function


pair<iterator,iterator>   equal_range ( const key_type& k );pair<const_iterator,const_iterator>   equal_range ( const key_type& k ) const;
Get range of elements with a specific key
Returns the bounds of a range that includes all the elements that compare equal to k. In unordered_set containers, where keys are unique, the range will include one element at most.

If k does not match any element in the container, the range returned has end as both its lower and upper range bounds.

All iterators in an unordered_set have const access to the elements (even those whose type is not prefixed with const_): Elements can be inserted or removed, but not modified while in the container.


Value to be compared.
Member type key_type is the type of the elements in the container. In unordered_set containers it is the same as value_type, defined as an alias of the class's first template parameter (Key).

Return value

The function returns a pair, where its member pair::first is an iterator to the lower bound of the range, and pair::second is an iterator to its upper bound. The elements in the range are those between these two iterators, including pair::first, but not pair::second.

Member types iterator and const_iterator are forward iterator types. Both may be aliases of the same iterator type.


See unordered_multiset::equal_range.


Average case: constant.
Worst case: linear in container size.

Iterator validity

No changes.

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