public member function


template <class Rep, class Period>  bool try_lock_for (const chrono::duration<Rep,Period>& rel_time);
Try to lock for time span
Attempts to lock the recursive_timed_mutex, blocking for rel_time at most:

All lock and unlock operations on the recursive_timed_mutex follow a single total order, with all visible effects synchronized between the lock operations and previous unlock operations on the same object.


The maximum time span during which the thread will block, waiting to acquire a lock.
duration is an object that represents a specific relative time.

Return value

true if the function succeeds in locking the recursive_timed_mutex for the thread.
false otherwise.

Data races

The recursive_timed_mutex object is accessed/modified as an atomic operation (causes no data races).

Exception safety

Offers the same level of guarantee as the operations on the duration object (for the type instantiations in <chrono>, this is a no-throw guarantee).

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