Windows Programming - January 2023

Messages associated with custom control not visible in Class Wizard!
HI, I am using MFC with VS2022. I have a custom control grid and when I create an object of it in a dialog, the possible messages associated with its type ar...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you jonnin. However we can't add notification messages that are ... (by JUANDENT)
by ruzip
Run program and make window active
How do I run a program with win32 context as active? Currently it is always shown as inactive. I already used SetFocus(handle) and still inactive.
[4 replies] Last: Thanks guys. I think this has something to do with parenting a child w... (by ruzip)
by jNc
how to release HDC object
HDC object hwindowDC increase memory,but it must be flushed with destructor tried below DeleteObject(hwindowDC); DeleteDC(hwindowDC); Cancel...
[9 replies] Last: still does not flush memory On line 72 the window dc is released. I.e... (by coder777)
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