How to add a project in one solution as a reference to another project in another solution?


Previously in a C++ native project, one could add dependencies to static libraries (.lib) and dynamic libraries (.dll) by right clicking on the References entry in the project tree.

Now it asks for a winmd file and if I want to select another project I am forced to add the project to the consuming solution. Why this? How can I create a winmd file for a C++ native project to be used as a reference? or how can I reference a project in another solution?

Please help


I am using VS 2022 v17.5.1
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Referencing a project from another solution is not possible.

Instead you need to specify:
1. library search path (to other project)
2. Include search path (to other project)
3. Library inputs (from other project)

Alternatively, you can add project from another solution to this solution and then reference it normally.
This means the project will be added to both solutions.
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