RDP Protocol

Hello guys,
I recently started to play around with different Network Protocols, im trying to build a RDP Client, but it seems there is quite little information.
I found the wtsapi32.h on microsofts site, but there is barely an explaination for the usage, :S
can someone please guide me with some ebooks,tutorials, or simple code how to connect remotely to a windows machine via RDP or via terminal :O.

thanks in advance.
Microsoft considers RDP a proprietary protocol, which is why you won't find much documentation on their web site, It's based on ITU-T T.128 with extensions. So that might be a source of information. Open source clients (rdesktop) and servers (xrdp) do exist, so they also maybe a source of information.
But can u connect with (rdesktop) to a windows machine having rdp enabled?
Because i dont want to make any remote desktop app,
I want to use the existing one.

So can I use rdesktop for that?
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