Hello, guys, how can i move my "sample.txt" file from my PC (NTFS) to a flash drive (FAT32) using DMA or programm interrupt in my cpp programm?
File system specifics and DMA are way too much "low-level" for a normal user-space application.

That's something that you'd mess with, if you were to write an operating system kernel or a device driver.

In a normal user-space C/C++ program, you'd use something like MoveFileExW() with the proper paths:

The underlying operating system and its device drivers almost certainly already are using DMA :-)

If you really want to create your own device driver, then have a look at:
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And if the OP is looking for something less Win-centric and more C++ there is C++17's filesystem library.

Windows does "choke" on UTF-X strings, sadly. See for an example, paths p3 and p4 go *ka-blooie!* when executed. Though the example compiles without even a whimper.

Maybe it is an artifact of using Visual Studio. I'm too lazy to try another compiler/IDE on my Win development machine to test this.
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