What is the SYSTEM_FONT for Win API? Is it Tahoma? How can you tell? I can look at the Text Metrics and see all the parameters, but that doesn't help much. Can it be recreated by CreateFont?
Looks like Raymond Chen explains it.
> They are fonts nobody uses any more.

So it is not Tahoma. I don't know the answer to your other questions.

This thread's lack of an answer seems to suggest it cannot be directly recreated through CreateFont:

Another thread that offers alternatives, although it's from 2006 so might be outdated as well.
Thanks. Those links were helpful.
depends on what you mean, I guess. Windows hid the font change interface so its really annoying and difficult to change it now or see what it is. I think its in the registry, though? Or it may be blank until you over-ride it.
However, your program should automatically use the current system font, if it has been changed, so there is likely some squirrely switcheroo going on somewhere to load the current one and apply it into your program (and more than one, one for menu, one for title bars, one for text boxes, and on and on they go-- its not all one font, or it used to be different way back, I cant see well enough to say anymore. ).
worse, I think their new 'themes' thing can change the default? I dunno, I don't use it.
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