Compiling using wxWidgets and mingw

I am trying to compile a program that, for now, solely includes wxWidgets's necessities.

I have a directory with an include and lib folder containing the respective wxWidgets files. As well as my main.cpp in a src folder.

In my main.cpp I have included: "wx/wx.h" and "wx/wxprec.h".

My compile command is: g++ -o program src/*.cpp -Wall -I include -L lib -static-libgcc -static-libstdc++ -lmingw32

The compiler error(s):

This is my second ever project in c++ so I have minimal compiling/mingw experience, I am trying to learn though. Any help, even a direction in the right way would be awesome. Please let me know if I have insufficient information provided.
MinGW is not Visual Studio. Your make is including files only needed when compiling with VS.
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