good books for c++

hi im new in all can somebody recomend good book for programing in c++ where i can find all ,to don't runing from one to onether book like this .
Hi I'm a new comer somebody recomend good book for C++

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The C++ Programming Language by Bjarne Stroustrup

From the Back Cover
More than three-quarters of a million programmers have benefited from this book in all of its editions
Written by Bjarne Stroustrup, the creator of C++, this is the world's most trusted and widely read book on C++.The result is complete, authoritative coverage of the C++ language, its standard library, and key design techniques. Based on the ANSI/ISO C++ standard, The C++ Programming Language provides current and comprehensive coverage of all C++ language features and standard library components.
For example-
abstract classes as interfaces
class hierarchies for object-oriented programming
templates as the basis for type-safe generic software
exceptions for regular error handling
namespaces for modularity in large-scale software
run-time type identification for loosely coupled systems
the C subset of C++ for C compatibility and system-level work
standard containers and algorithms
standard strings, I/O streams, and numerics
C compatibility, internationalization, and exception safety Bjarne Stroustrup makes C++ even more accessible to those new to the language, while adding advanced information and techniques that even expert C++ programmers will find invaluable.
That one is probably a bit heavy going for a beginner to C++.
That was the one I bought, then had to go and buy another one because of the heavy going.
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That is one of the problems with recommending books, you should always find a copy of suggested books and have a read before buying.
I'm working on this list now - it has changed my life. Check it:

Also, honestly, if you're the type that can learn from a book and research on your own and work through questions (either intended or unintended from the books) - then stay the course. But if you aren't the type that can, on your own, work through issues and find solutions without getting discouraged, then you should seriously consider taking classes for programming, at best maybe in addition to reading through these (or any) books.

Hope this helps.
C++ Primer Plus Fifth Edition by Stephen Prata.
I really liked "You can Program in C++" by Francis Glassborrow. It was really deep first diving into it. He talk a lot about memory, and all the stuff, how and why behind the code. Stuff that you have no clues and don't really care for.

But after going through the tutorial section here and got the basic down, I really have an appreciation for it.
I recommend C++ Black Book, I've taken out of the public library 4 times lol . Maybe I should buy it.
Microsoft offers "C++ a beginner's guide" by Herb Schildt for free online at

The examples are pretty easy to follow and there are program challenges at the end of each chapter and an answer key provided.
I propose that you use "c++ programming language" by bjarne stroupus bcoz it explain the core c++ language.just any of the edition.
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