UNIX/Linux Programming - March 2021

Can't run c++ db app with desktop link in Linux
I'v never seen this before, but when I try to launch a database application from a desktop link (in...
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sudoku prog problem
void sudoku::Inf2() { cout << "sudoku::Inf2()" << endl; for (int i = 0; i < 9; i++){ ...
[12 replies] Last: its submitted already, i couldn't get it to work properly. (by function0353)
by thmm
The Art of Unix Programming
The ebook "The Art of Unix Programming by Eric Steven Raymond" is free for online reading. http://w...
[3 replies] Last: Good book, but note it's about design, not implementation: [quote=esr]... (by mbozzi)
Finding Device driver source code
Hi guys, I'm using a 64 bit Debian system(ubuntu). I have a wireless card plugged into my compute...
[3 replies] Last: Have you ever written or ever needed to actually write a driver in yo... (by dutch)
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