UNIX/Linux Programming - April 2021

Linux flle structures (1,2)
Hi guys I'll start of by saying I'm pretty new to Linux, on windows all files have a signature or magic number such as 47 49 46 38 for png files, if you open a...
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by EmanCS
measuring running time inside loop
HI I want to measure the running time of function run() in two different parameters A and M. If I call run('A') alone once then run('M') alone once, run('M') i...
[10 replies] Last: ^^^ it depends, of course. 1) caching matters (a LOT) but if you meas... (by jonnin)
Duplicate Data Off Socket - Perhaps?
Hi All, I'm new to C++ programming and found myself, despite much googling very confused into a little bug of mine. I thought I would join this forum and see i...
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getpid() checking of code
I need to get pid for every processes. In process I get sum of every arrays. In the I get max sum. I wrote programm but I have doubt. Can you check it? #in...
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Where belongs custom header files?
In which directory at best I would move private header files so that the compiler find it by default? I have to compile a program from github where some head...
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by tmvaz
Changing mic levels through C++
I'd like to create a simple program on Linux in order to adjust and fix the microphone level setting. Use-case example: when I speak on the mic on Zoom, for ...
[1 reply] : What OS and compiler are you using? Depending on your OS, you can jus... (by JRManx)
/usr/src linux is shared among many side-by-side Linuxes
How is it if /usr/src linux is shared among many side-by-side Linuxes installation
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"Copy" buffer?
Hi. I have a small console program which creates a password for a user. Right now it is running on Windows but I want to run it on various Linux distros as well...
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