Linux(Ubuntu Visual Studio Code) error message!

Unable to open 'atoi.c': Unable to read file '/build/glibc-eX1tMB/glibc-2.31/stdlib/atoi.c' (Error: Unable to resolve non-existing file '/build/glibc-eX1tMB/glibc-2.31/stdlib/atoi.c').

Hi I get this error message when I try to debug step by step. Unlike all the error message that I can find the solution googleing, this seems my own problem. I mean my program runs well without error although it doesn't do what I expected. I tried to see what's going on by debugging feature but when I step into something, I keep getting this error message. What should I do???
The debugger is looking for the source code for atoi, which it thinks is should be at the location shown.

Unless you need to see the source code for glibc, it shouldn't be a problem, the debugger can't show source code it can't find.

If you need to see it, you'll have to arrange for the debug symbols to be installed (somehow).
You can ignore the error, it's because files like that aren't packaged with gcc/glibc for the end user. But if you find it annoying (completely understandable), there apparently is a way to configure it to ignore trying to find certain source files.

and a follow-up:
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