C++ development in a Linux Terminal?

Learning how to compile code via the command-line no matter what the OS is a good skill to have.

Compiling a C/C++ program using Linux and command-line compilation.

Whether you can do this on a Raspberry Pi, I don't have a clue.
I was wondering if there are any good text-based ide? Is it even possible?

Operating systems and programs were developed (as in write and compile) long before there were any "windows" or other "Graphical User Interfaces". So yes, it is possible on text-based systems.

What is "IDE"? What do you expect the IDE to contain? Some of the text editors that do function without GUI do have functions to run build tools in the background. They might not generate the "project definition" for you, but the definition (for example cmake's CMakeLists.txt, GNU Build Tools input, or plain Makefile) is text that you can write.
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