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Electronics: What is meant by goes to ground?
Hi guys, I'm experimenting with an Arduino, I feel like it's a good "getting your hands dirty" device when it comes to learning electronics. Before I dive in...
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by Geckoo
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logic_gate Hello everyone. I am searching for a little gadget - a simple logic gate with some transistors showing how a boolean o...
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Problemen logging in.
Both on my laptop and my tablet I have tried to log in, using Firefox. In both cases I see the login dialog flashing by and then a page returns with a '0' in th...
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by thmm
Scripting C++ Inside Python With cppyy
Jason Turner - C++ Weekly - Ep 360 - Scripting C++ Inside Python With cppyy Amazing what you can do with Python https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TL83P77vZ1k
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Need to estimate how powerful my CPU has to be for a program
Not sure if this is right forum, but not sure where to ask! This is complicated i have chronic pain, thanks for understanding!!! I want to make following pro...
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Is there really no active ASM community?
Hello guys, it's been very long time since I last time logged in and posted to cplusplus. I'm currently learning assembly language, so far I managed to set up ...
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by zapshe
I believe in God now (1,2)
Had a shitty day, went to sleep. Woke up, had more shitty problems. I check my email, I find a shitty email. So I am now convinced, there must be a God, and ...
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My daughter is awesome
me: I think the first thing I’ll eat this year is some ice cream. You? daughter: I’m good. I had ice cream last year. I’m so proud. :O)
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by thmm
Serious Linux kernel security hole uncovered (1,2)
The Zero Day Initiative originally rated this Linux 5.15 in-kernel SMB server, ksmbd, bug a perfectly awful 10. https://www.zdnet.com/article/patch-now-seri...
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by helios
Critical Program Reading (1975)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hdJQkn8rtA Remember to say thank you to your curly braces.
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