Hello everyone. I am searching for a little gadget - a simple logic gate with some transistors showing how a boolean operation works. Do you know some gadgets which perform those operations? I want to buy a device that performs a boolean function, a logical operation performed on one or more binary inputs that produces a single binary output. I did many searches on Google, but strangely, I did not find any toy I wanted.More there are OP types, the better it will be. Thanks for your help. Below you can find a video which shows what I am searching :
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Do you have a breadboard?

In videos like ( "D latch" by Ben Eater), he constructs things from simple logic gates.

In the description, you can see the physical components he's using.
4x 74LS02 (Quad two-input NOR gate)
2x 74LS08 (Quad two-input AND gate)

Search for those to see their datasheets.
For example, the 74LS08 is a chip that contains 4 AND gates. That's 3*4 + 2 = 14 pins total: 4x(2 input pins, 1 output pin), with VCC and GND.

One site to buy such components is digikey, but this is not an endorsement.
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Thank you @Ganado for the links which are really interesting. This is an alternative - I can do my own gadget. However I have no experience with electronic. I will take a look at this opportunity. Thank you ++
If you just need/want to learn how these things work then you could consider on-line circuit simulations. They let you build circuit simulations that mimic physical components.

A simple/inexpensive gadget would be one made up of a battery and light bulb with handmade switches. No transistors needed.

See for example:
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