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I'm looking for a fellow aspiring game programmer of my level to write code with. You know, I'll share something, you share something, I debug your code you debug mine, we exchange ideas and all that. I'm not sure if this is going to work out or not, but there's no harm in trying so what the hell. I'm a beginner in game programming, although I know my way around SDL fairly well. I've tried making a few basic games like Tic-Tac-Toe, breakout and a few others, most of which weren't very successful, but hey, I learn from my mistakes.

I'm not really sure as to what we're going to do except maybe exchange code and ideas, but if you're interested, do post here. I'll let you know the rest of the details like how we'll communicate etc after I know whether someone is really interested or not.

And let me put this in bold : This is an experimental idea.
I am interested in talking about code and experimenting with code, but I won't really have time to work on a game until about mid May, although I am willing to debug any code that you may have.
I'm programming for a few months, and started because I wanted to program games. At the moment, I'm learning SDL. After that, I want to learn OpenGL and windows-programming. A little under your level I think, but I'll catch up with you ;)

Someone to write code with, exchange ideas, solve problems together... Sounds like a great idea to me :) We're both interested in gameprogramming, so maybe we could do some projects together.

You can send me a PM, or contact me at helly1000@hotmail.com.
That's a pretty long wait, but anyway, give me some sort of IM name so that we can talk.

Yeah, you've got the exact same line of thought that I had. Doing a game project with someone else sounds fun. Just give me your IM name. Any messenger service is fine, like yahoo, msn, icq, or whatever.

There's a (VERY) big problem though. I live all the way out here in India, which means your night is my day and vice versa (if you live in America). This means that one (or both) of us is going to have to stay up late at night.

I can only hope both of you are either nocturnal or from Asia :P But whatever, we'll work it out, just give me your IM names :)
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My AIM and Yahoo IM names are the same as my screen name here.
I've added you in Yahoo.
I'm afraid I'm far behind but after I get better I would like to do game programming with you my IM in yahoo is yodas_finest@yahoo.com
My MSN messenger is the same as the email addres I posted; helly1000@hotmail.com. But I'm hardly ever online, prefere email. (When I'm online on msn, I don't get the things done I want to do).
I've added you Oromis. Personally I prefer live chat as compared to email, its much easier to communicate that way. Hope that's not a problem :P

DrChil, I'm trying to add you but I keep getting some weird error messages, don't know if its on my side or yours, but do let me know if you have an msn account.
I think it would be good to setup some sort of group for game programming, since I would like to work with you and thats 4 people now.

I have no experience in game programming, although I'm starting to make an rpg, and i can (sort of) use directx for sprites and stuff like that. So i'm far behind as well.

EDIT: ignore that question I wrote.
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I think the more the better, really ^^
As for a group, I was thinking some sort of live chat conference would be better, as communication is vastly better that way. Anyway, let me know if you've got some different idea. And give me your IM id since you're interested.

I know SDL and you know DirectX. We can teach each other!
(See, there's a positive side to everything :) )
I think I got a hot mail account it's called yodasfinest@hotmail.com(without the underscore) if not I could get whatever I need also I normally do HTML so I could build a website
Poke what is your Yahoo messenger acc?
A group is kind of what I have been hoping to do. I have a site where programming projects can be discussed and code exchanged to which I have recently been trying to make it a programming community. I don't think posting the link is allowed, but if you are interested you can always PM me. My idea is to make the site a place where programs/games can be created and enjoyed.
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alan.frost386 is my yahoo id.
are you suggesting something like a google group?
If you are, then could you please create one because I haven't tried this sort of stuff. Anyways, I still arrogantly believe that chatting is a better idea, but maybe I'm wrong. Or maybe we could have both. Or something.
I agree that chatting is good because it is a faster way to exchange information and ideas, but I think both is good because sometimes IM is not readily accessible for all parties at the same time. I guess I shouldn't have used the word group. It is basically a forum, but it can be easily adjusted and altered to fit the members' needs.
They both have ups and downs however I do enjoy the IMing more but it might not be good because of the location of our group ... I like the idea of having something where we could privately post files and chat together.

P.S. MMZJSFMMX10MM where did you get your name?
I prefer forum, since I have no form of IM, except over xbox. My email is randomcomment@hotmail.co.uk and my live account is aw4573ofl1f3@hotmail.co.uk ( use this for IM, but not email)
I think using both options together would be good. Whenever more than one person is online at the same time, then both of those people could get on IM and chat. Otherwise, they can discuss post files for others to view at a later time and respond to when they have the time.

I created my name about five years ago and have just stuck with it. It is basically an acronym. The MM stands for Mega Man. JSF are my initials and 10 is my favorite number.

EDIT: My idea was also for any programmers, not just to be limited to C++. That way there are many levels and varieties of skills available.
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