How to add GUI?

Hello guys! I just "finished" a video game I was working on (Epic-Quest) and I was wondering how could I add GUI to the game to make it easier to use. Should I use QT, make it myself, or use SFGUI? If you are curious the project is hosted at github

Any suggestions?
Making it yourself shouldn't be too hard; the hardest things will be keeping widgets aligned (solution: use containers) and figuring out which widget to send events to (I'd have each widget figure out which child widget to inform; if you click on the widget C which is a child of B which is a child of A (the window) then A tells C that the mouse was somewhere within C's co-ordinates and C tells B that the mouse was somewhere within B's co-ordinates and then B figures out what to do with it).

I don't know how you'd do it with Qt (I know SFML can be integrated into GUI toolkits but I've never tried it) and I've not used SFGUI but it is probably easier to use one of those (I'd probably go with SFGUI).
Thanks, I am going to start making it myself. I hope I don't fail epically XD.
Good luck :)
Writing GUI code in SFML isn't too bad, its actually pretty easy. All you really nee to do is define some classes for various types of buttons and labels, and maybe text-boxes if you need them.
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