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Really? Awesome :P
By the way, I'm really enjoying your blog man, keep it up :D
No problem ;) Just be sure to let me know when I say stuff wrong or my programs have bugs :D

By the way, would you see it as a good thing if I widened the blog scope somewhat. I mean, obviously the main thing is a game engine in SFML (eventually...) and as you know, I've already started more general articles about C++.

But basically, what would you think of posts about my photographs, science, etc, just as a supplement to the main theme?
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I'd like to see an interesting bit of science thrown in there once in a while and photos don't hurt me either ^^
But as of now I'm especially eager to see more about SFML :)
Maybe you could open a poll?

I'll do that :) Thanks. I'm currently reuploading a new and improved version of my video tutorial on Images and Sprites. Then I'll be doing Events, Windowing and Input, then sound and then moving on to more advanced stuff ;)
Sounds awesome!
Looking forward to it :)
YouTube let me upload 17 minutes of 1080 video taking about 8 hours, and *then* told be it was too long :@

So the new, improved version, and thus future tutorials, will have to wait on my having a chance to cut two and a half minutes out of the existing one...
Yeah YT acts really weird about length of vids...
Sometimes you can upload 20+ min. vids and at other occasions it will complain about a video who is 11 minutes long...
Basic rule: Keep it under 10 minutes ;)
I'll try fifteen. If it has to be 10, then I'll have to make two parts. :/
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