Tron 3 Sneak Peak

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Maybe I should keep trolling this forum.
Dammit Return! I swear to hojo if that becomes the new Rick Roll because of you, I will find and kill you with my bear hands. That's right I have hands that are bears!
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Did you see the compositing work on that video? It was almost like those two guys were actually there! The edges were fantastic, the hair was properly keyed... and... the fabric animation was so realistic it... and the grass was excellently done... it's almost as if- *mind blown*.


EDIT: P.S: judging by the overwhelming number of people who disliked the Friday video, I think it's already a new "Rick Roll". Sure, the music was terrible, but there's no way in Ulaanbaatar that such a video would receive the panning it did on its own.
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#define Return_0 "Friday, Friday, gonna get down on Friday"
@Seraphimsan, it's too late! The filth has spread like wild fire... I wake up with it stuck in my head.... someone cure me! It must become the next Rick Roll, Rebecca Black commands it!!!

That Iraqi tron was hilarious though. I did read however that Disney is seriously working on Tron 3... we shall see.

Also... I purchased Tron Evolution for xbox360... not sure if anyone has played it but it's actually quite nice, especially the multiplayer combat.

@Moooce... that was horrible.
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you didn't enjoy it? ohh...

..that was the idea.... mind you, if you wake up each day with that song in your head, you're suffering enough, I went too far...
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Thank god I never actually listened to that...
Stephen Colbert's cover is actually pretty good.
mmm, tastefull usage of pitch correction/vocoder.
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