git mv command

Hi.I hope it is ok to ask GIT questions here.

I have a local directory - lets call it dir1, where i have couple of files, and commit history (in local and remote)

I tried to change dir name to dir2 with the command:

git mv dir1 dir2

after i change one of the files (for testing purpose) , add, commit and push, I noticed that the dir name has changed also on remote repo, but commit history has been deleted.
Is there a way to revert the operation and see the history again?
Is it truly "deleted"?

man git-log mentions:
Continue listing the history of a file beyond renames (works only for a single file).

Show only names and status of changed files. See the description of the --diff-filter option on what the status letters mean.

The latter at least shows renames, so one knows which files to look with the "follow".
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