Ground and VCC on ICs

Hi guys,

My understanding of how integrated circuits work is a little cloudy. Obviously, an IC has many pins, in this example, I will use a quad 2 input AND gate, pins 1 and 2 will be inputs for the first AND gate, and 3 will be the output for the first AND gate.

diagram I am referencing :

What I don't understand is the GND and VCC pins. GND is obviously ground and all circuits must return to ground to complete the circuit, VCC is the voltage source .

Looking at the diagram, it's not clear how the 4 AND gates are powered, none of them seem to have a connection to VCC nor GND. Do all these AND gates have an implicit connection to VCC and GND? and it's just not shown in these IC diagrams?

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Yes, it's an implementation detail. They are connected. It doesn't matter if the logic gates themselves are made of diodes or transistors or whatever.

The logic probably looks something like:
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