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I'd rather approach a career in COBOL programming...
Still lots of opportunities in Cobol for maintaining legacy systems... I used to knew a contract programmer who made loads doing just that...
If it pays well I'd have no issue maintaining some dinosaur. But I've heard it doesn't pay well enough to compensate for the fact that you're acquiring skills that don't transfer to anywhere else.
I continue this thread a little bit, sharing with members my own experience. Qt is a very powerful tool, but sometimes it seems to me too confusing - and finally I have the bad feelings that I am killing a mosquito with a bundle of dynamite, integrating a GUI in a project (in order to quote some skilled dev here). However I did some tests with imGui and I think that it is the best solution so as to create a clean and customizable GUI for applications. It is really flexible - and open source. Really I recommend it to those who want to quickly add a GUI into a project. Just my point of view ++
I was under the impression that imGui required an OpenGL context to work. Is that not the case (or not anymore)?
Are we talking about Dear ImGUI?

That library doesn't require OpenGL, there are other bindings possible, The list is quite extensive IMO.
Yes. We are talking about the same tool. It can work in different contexts like DirectX, OpenGL, SDL... The demo code shows many good features. Adopted ++
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