Jonathan Boccara

Does anyone know what has happened to Jonathan Boccara (Fluent C++)? There's been no update since 25 June and no reply to emails. I hope he hasn't succumbed to Covid...

And the last message on Tweeter has been posted at 25 June...
His patreon has recent updates.
Patreon updates for September and now 5 days ago. Though I'll admit I don't know really anything about Patreon, could the new updates be automated?
There are updates on Patreon for October and November. Single updates that look to be automated.

Coincidentally I today purchased one of his books on leanpub:

The Legacy Code Programmer's Toolbox

Skimming the contents makes me realize I made a good purchase, I will enjoy delving deeper.
Looking at his github activity it does go kinda lean a couple of months ago, though his activity is sporadic.
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