Forums not available

is currently generating an error when try to access. Use

which is still OK.

I've reported this issue.
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The admin is doing some more tweaking, it seems.

I've been default using the legacy version of the site for some time, so don't see the error without actually checking.

The rest of the non-legacy site is still working.

FYI, someone using the new site version won't see this message. :Þ

I have also reported the issue.
Now trying to access the non-legacy forums spits up a 502 Bad Gateway error.

Another try and back to the "Cannot GET /forum/" problem.

Yeah, admin tweaking..... now seems to be working OK again
Now the non-legacy forum access is restored, and trying to access any part of the legacy site results in an SSL error. The certificate is only valid for the non-legacy version.
Add an exception to the invalid security certificate and even the legacy site URL pulls the current site scripting. Heh.
The legacy site has now gone. If you now try to access legacy you now get the same main site....
AND the legacy site is back again.

I'm gettin' whiplash from all the changes goin' on today.....
Not whiplash - just dizzy...
I got a major crick in my neck from all the flailin' around with the legacy/updated scripting changes.
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