Since a few days I have many problems with the forum using FireFox or Edge - the latest versions. It seems to me that advertisings generate some problems. And for you? As usual I can post a new thread or/and a new comment, but sometimes (for a post with many comments like the previous Lounge/OOoo Pretty), my browser seems broken. It does not work anymore. Strange ++
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I use an ad-blocker with Firefox (latest version) and all seems OK.
Surely you've been here long enough to know that things like "some problems" and "does not work" aren't useful problem descriptions?

What sort of "problems" are you seeing? In what way does't your browser "work"?
I see the same as @Geckoo. The problems are intermittent - but they are crippling when they occur. The whole browser literally hangs and you can't do anything. Eventually Firefox comes up with "This page is slowing down Firefox. To speed up your browser, stop this page" and finally gives you a button which you can press to stop the failed rendering and try to reload. Edge just says "This page is having a problem".

It seems to be associated with the advertising, but it's happening across multiple devices and multiple browsers and with both the "new" and the "legacy" versions of the site. It took me four goes to log in this evening, and I've had to type my post in Notepad first to avoid losing it. I've had more than 10 attempts trying to submit this post.

Given the dearth of new posts in the last few days, I think others are having problems too.

EDIT: I seem to have briefly stopped the problem by turning the Firefox "Enhanced Tracking Protection" to "Strict", which has obliterated all ads, but might well stop a few other pages (including for work) from operating.

EDIT EDIT: That just stopped me logging into the "new" version of the site. Hmmm.
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I suspect the issue is with individual adverts trying to be displayed. I had this problem with another site a few years ago. The issue was with the advert site. The site admin then blocked specific adverts and the problem went away. As I use an ad-blocker and don't allow any ads, I'm not seeing the problem.
By problem I meant a simple thing - my browser was totally broken. As said @seeplus (he described the problem with perfection) a message appears with the single sentence - this page is slowing down FireFox (and I heard my CPU fan starting like in hell). I have to click a button, but I cannot do anything more.
Reading your explanations I added an ad-blocker and all works fine as expected. Without any doubt, the main problem is advertisements. I hope that it helps dev team ++
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It really isn't the dev team - but the sales/marketing team who have agreed the contract for these ads to be displayed. It's not cplusplus nor firefox that's the culprit - but wherever these ads are being serviced from. All the dev team can do is to find which advert web site(s) is the culprit and block it - and tell the sales/marketing not to sell adverts again to them!

I don't have any problems with the ads (except for the fact that the "auto ads" are very distracting and makes the whole site look spammy) but when I press "log in" I come to a white page that says "0". This seems to only happen with Firefox for some reason. To log in I have to go to https://legacy.cplusplus.com/
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Peter87 wrote:
when I press "log in" I come to a white page that says "0". This seems to only happen with Firefox for some reason.

Yes, I get the same in Firefox since I turned the the Firefox setting "Enhanced Tracking Protection" to "Strict". Looking at the source for the webpage, Firefox seems to have turned it into "javascript:0" - which presumably is the source of the 0.

I'm having intermittent problems with all browsers - Firefox, Chrome, Edge - and it's happening with both the "legacy" and the "beta" versions of the site (the latter now being the default).

The situation is changing all the time: it's difficult to describe "the problem". Sometimes a single sub-forum is having a problem (yesterday it was the Unix subforum: rendered as text rather than html; earlier today causing my browser to flicker and become unresponsive; currently ... OK!)

It's great to see somebody actively working on the site, but it's having a few teething problems (many of which seem to be linked to the Ad servers). Maybe a simple "News" or "Status" page would help us to see what is going on, or what browser settings would alleviate problems.
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lastchance wrote:
Looking at the source for the webpage, Firefox seems to have turned it into "javascript:0" - which presumably is the source of the 0.

The href="javascript:0" is still there in Chrome. The problem seems to be that in Firefox the click event does not prevent the href code from running for some reason. I haven't been able to figure out exactly what is going on but changing it to href="#" makes it work just fine.
After some further testing I suspect it's just down to how Firefox handles "javascript:0" (or any other number). Chrome seems to just ignore it while Firefox clears the whole page and displays the number.
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As a temporary workaround you can hold down Ctrl while pressing the "log in" button. That'll give access to the login form. The "0" page will open in another tab which you can just close or ignore.
Wow, how on earth did you find that out, @Peter? I've been having to resort to the "legacy" version to login with Firefox!

Works a treat, but it would be useful if the original problem was solved.
I just happened to stumble upon it when I, out of habit, without thinking, held down Ctrl while clicking "log in" to avoid losing the current page.
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