Do this you will become millionaire not even kidding...

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I wasn't being sarcastic. It's not difficult.

I also wasn't being sarcastic about the anime girl theme ;)
The best sarcasm is the truth, told with a perfectly straight and and bland delivery.

Seriously. :Þ

It works real well on the interwebz as well.
No one is hated more than the one who speaks the truth - Plato.
The only thing dumber than the helmet is the helmet law, the point of which is to protect a brain that is functioning so poorly, it's not even trying to stop the cracking of the head that it's in!

-Jerry Seinfeld

BTW if it is not too much, if that program could have a functions, if you miss e.g. one task, then all other task arrive too soon. If you could globally move all tasks e.g. 30 minutes forward. And some tasks could be unchecked so they are not affected like: bedtime routines!
The issue with adding more and more functionality is the learning curve. To minimize the learning curve, functionality has to be well designed and integrated so that it's easy to figure out intuitively.

A tutorial for new installations might help.
Wait what would be so high on adding simple function to defer all future timers? There can be button in menu defer all future set alarms and it can be brought up with hotkeys. This really doesn't complicate anything I think...

Also it was just idea... I didn't mean it has to be there on 100%

You don't have to do it if you don't want this would be optional. Even it would a help a lot! I have serious executive dysfunctions!

Also if program is intuitive to use I can't imagine it would need any tutorial, something like trello lists when you move cards from one list to another. And you can set different workspace like daily tasks, to do. This would be neat!

I realized I didn't mention, because I assumed it would be self-evident... Sorry.

Also adding new tasks could be done with right click to any field.
I hate Trello 🤭
Same, but I like that you can move it to other list when it is done (it feels satisfying)! While we are at that, there could be hype sounds when you:
1. finish a task
2. complete all tasks per day
3. complete all tasks per day (streak)
Not necessarily, but sound feedback is nice and motivating!

Main thing is: ability to see weekly overview of done tasks and tasks which weren't done. I don't know how else you would do it. Or maybe like switch to calendar view. On top of that best would be having report of how many times a task were done per week, that would be quickest way to check for user, but sometimes you still probably want to explore days before to see how did you fare on them... While seeing at least whole week back!

Also habitica concept of rewards is interesting, but I don't have anything to rewards myself with 99% of times :(

I believe in you :D Just so it is practical core features no nonsense...
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Not necessarily, but sound feedback is nice and motivating!

Another idea, it can vibrate your d***o every time you finish a task.

I've got other projects and stuff I'm working on, so it'll be slow, but eventually.
xDD Yeah feel no rush, I'll subscribe to do to-do-ist for now. Mainly so if it will be in reasonable time frame, not like year from now, but I can't really dictate you when to do it.

Man I have severe executive dysfunctions, I Am so stressed I don't know what first. Sometimes I stare 2 hours into monitor and can't recall what I wanted to do, I get absorbed in tasks and can't quit, or I multi-task, or i can't focus or anything and constantly thinking there is something I should do except there isn't and I can't even relax for a 5 minutes. I have chronic pain and i can't do anything whole day except watching a wall... I go on small walk 0.5-1km and then I usually I Am in pain whole rest of day and headaches, that I can't do anything for rest of day and I can't recall anything, or even think... I suffer also from tab overload... And I have chronic pain... This would really help me... I don't want to waste money on subcription, everything needs to go to my health, as I have host of health issues!

This would really help me, I would buy something, but there is nothing except retarded subcription... I would have better even for subscription in this state, but since you are working on this, I will subscribe meanwhile to to-do-ist as I need custom reminders and snooze badly (to-do-isn't doesn't have snooze I think). I need to improve small things gradually to get better, I need this badly!

Luckily there is also decent addon for managing tabs for Chrome/Edge if you write simply review for it you can get it for lifetime free, it is good: I have so many tabs, it worsened my executive dysfunctions, many times I Am stunned for hours can't remember what to do, or i go off-track easily, because browser devs, or rather their management are morons and browsers are not fit for information age... So I can't really optimize my environment because i generate tabs quickly and there are also no intelligent program for saving notes, I use Joplin but it has still many core issues and bookmarks sucks, I can't never find where I saved it, even with tags, because I read too much, so I can't clean my environment any easily. Or I open 20 tabs I don't need right now from boredom, because my chronic pain, so it is for me even 1000x more complicated... Because I Am so bored, I couldn't do anything last 6 years except watch a wall whole day - no joke... I have also SPD, it is because I see instantly 20 other things from 20 things and so on, I have problem prioritizing i never know what first, even daily I used to had even 10th of thousands problems...

EDIT: BTW I got invited to skeema addon for tab managing, if you want to invite PM me :)
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DAmn it I have severe executive dysfunctions, I Am procrastinating years even on smallest things! And I can't remember anything whole day and I always remember some thing I have to do when it is not possible and then forget it when I have do it. It is driving me crazy, it is insane that I couldn't explain...

I tried todoist and it is garbage. When I complete daily tasks, there is no overview AFAIK! So it is shown in project tab. Also if you miss a daily task, it will show date of completion - all days you didn't complete a task, like a week a ago. So completed tasks have all random date, I don't even know which tasks I finished and they want 5 monthly for this.

I found it absolutely baffling no one finds problem with this. Imagine you have like 20 tasks and they all show different date of completions, how is one supposed to remember which tasks one completed??? I would have better to use notepad, absolute morons these devs I don't even...

EDIT: why is every software for subscription, even damned count-down timer and they want 6.39$ on monthly basis LMAOOO. Unless you are billionaire how you are going to afford paying this for virtually any small thing? There is something wrong, why no one makes normal program which you can buy and freeware problem is there are no features at all... It is probably because people are retarded and they don't think it through, so they do like 50-60-70% and then rest is missing for some reason...

I use countdown timer, but it is really annoying, based on length of timers, timers will change position in a list and you can't pin them! When i feel worse i need to switch some off to let pressure off... I have find them in a list...

If there was at least some paid version, but I find all software has gripes, because, or missing some features without which it is really hard to use them... Not even small features, but like core features!

I hate subscription so much, even if timer app cost 50$ which is ludicrous even 15$ is generous probably in most cases... It is worth buying instead paying monthly annually... And I don't know why would you need servers on that. Ofc. everywhere is subscription, because it makes more money, I just don't understand someone doesn't take advantage of it and doesn't make one time payment program without all gripes and missing core features... Because stupidity of all these programs baffles me!

EDIT: also never mind I found countdown timer can order them based on multiple preferences, ok 1 devs aren't complete retards!

It feels so good to fix this tho! I have insane anxiety, OCD and executive dysfunctions tied to this. I also got invited to skeem (tab management program) feels good!
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