Boost 1.80.0 released

Boost released a new version today. No new libraries, lots of updates though.
Lot's of good tweaks there, but not sure why it warranted a major version bump for that.
I haven't seen minor version bumps with Boost. At least it is a second tier bump. Going to 2.0.0 would be a bit of a stretch.
So far Boost 1.80.0 has been a bust. I get missing dependencies and error messages up the wazoo if I manually try to build the library, or use vcpkg.

If only I could somehow roll back with vcpkg to 1.79.0. At least that version didn't have so many bombs in it.
The vcpkg maintainers finally cleaned up their Boost build boo-boo, Boost 1.80 now installs without a problem.

Other than taking a looooooooong time to compile for x86-windows, x64-windows and x64-windows-static. About 85-90 minutes.
*Laughs in 32 threads*
Yeah, I have to agree. As frustrating as the situation was it was rather risible even as I was banging my head on the desk repeatedly from all the build boo-boos. It has been a roller-coaster for 2 weeks, fer shure.
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