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I am currently looking for a free offline markdown editor/viewer app for Windows, anyone have any recommendations/suggestions?

I snagged MarkPad from the MS store, and with the very minimal testing I've done so far it isn't bad.
notepad ++ should support this.
It may try to go online to update iteself but it won't hassle you if the connection is dead and you can tell it to cut that out.

here is the first plugin for it that comes up.

maybe not the best fit, but most of us already have N++ so..
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Visual Studio Code works best for me!

I tried various other markdown editors, such as MarkdownPad, but they all had some problems, especially when the document became larger, often becoming unbearably slow and laggy.
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I already have Visual Studio (not Code) installed and really don't want to get Code just to edit markdown files.

I've been using Notepad++ for a while now as a text editor, but as mentioned it doesn't have a markdown preview feature. Something I really would like to have.

Notepad++ does show markdown commands in different colors, that is something, but it ain't the whole enchilada.

MS Store MarkPad does have a decent preview feature as well as being free.

Visual Studio Code is very different from Visual Studio ;-)

It's just a "simple" text editor, but has a lot of (optional!) plug-ins that can turn it into a fully-fledged IDE.

Nowadays, Visual Studio Code is the best Markdown and LaTeX editor for me.

(Notepad++ is great too, don't get me wrong!)
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The Notepad++ markdown viewer plugin is just what I was looking for. I'm already using Notepad++ as my editor for markdown files, so having an on-demand viewer is great.

I learned something else about Notepad++, there's an easy to install plugin menu.
BTW, kigar, I want to say thanks for the suggestion. Even though VS Code doesn't fit my needs I do appreciate the help.

@jonnin, thanks to you as well. :)
Have a look at Typora
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