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zapshe wrote:
Nothing on this account is connected to me

I don't know, you have given enough context in just your first post for at least a handful of people to guess the identity of zapshe.
Not really. That could apply to a lot of people, since I believe there were many, many colleges across the US that adopted policies like that for the Corona virus.
Is the Corona virus anything like a coronavirus, even coronavirus disease COVID-19 or a new type of virus altogether?
@agent max

I wonder if zapshe's website in his profile has a fake name ?

I think these sum up Covid-19 quite well:

The genius of Dire Straits: 37 years ahead of their time !
The Corona virus is a thing that's been going around, and it's basically like the Spanish Flu, except it comes from China.

Ok, my Spotify "can't play" Industrial Disease, for whatever reason. But wow. Are you sure this was written in 1982, not 2020?

I recently read a book called The Atlantis Gene that was really, really, scarily accurate. It was written in 2013, I believe, and it's by a guy named A. G. Riddle. If it was a movie, I'd rate it "R"...not exactly something you want to show your kids.
What does a picture of condensation clouds, cooling towers and brewers droop have to do with COVID-19?
What does a picture of condensation clouds, cooling towers and brewers droop have to do with COVID-19?

Sociologists invent words that mean Industrial Disease.
That’s makes as much sense as the likelihood is of @Zapshe ever getting a job, and that’s zero.
Oh no...@againtry, please don't start this again. You have no idea whether he/she is likely to get a job. Let's keep it civil, alright?
@Zapshe won’t ever get even the first interview. Doomed to lame voice overs and an arrogant sense of entitlement.
Red just draws attention to the fact that @Zapshe by any objective test - based on his current and past abusive comments is completely and permanently unemployable. He would be a bad fit in any team role. Hire slow and fire fast, employers say. In his case it's simply - no soup for you.

@Zapshe's no different than that other venomous creep @dutch, or should I say @crutch.

Fortunately we don't see those 2 trash here very often, other than there pissant hangers on with their totally counterproductive red marks.

Now for the @crutch venom.
I don't know, you have given enough context in just your first post for at least a handful of people to guess the identity of zapshe.

A handful of people and guessing is correct. These people would not only have to know the details that I'm talking about here that could apply to millions of other students, but also would need to know almost all the situations I talked about - which all involve different students and professors.

Even then, they'd just be guessing. For example, I was overhearing my brother talk about someone. He kept describing and describing, I thought for sure he was talking about me. After a few minutes, he brought up a detail about the individual that could not possibly have been attributed to me and I was obvious the details prior had just been a coincidence.

@agent max

Yea, its a fake name, just from an anime. I also wouldn't have known againtry even posted here if you hadn't of mentioned it, Helios' script works like a charm.
LOL, @Zapshe_Never_Work. It's been hinted by 2 or 3 others here already. Get yourself a counsellor @Zapshe, not your ring of pissant ego stroker losers - someone at least honest enough to tell you the truth.
How nice, more glaring red. Not even an internship to be offered. I think we better start sending cardboard boxes to @Zapshe_Never_To_Work for his new home. What about a nice new blue tarpaulin for those rainy days under the bridge.
So let's think about this. Why would any employer trust their luck with @Zapshe_No_Soup.
His only claims to fame are:
- a self-opinionated arrogance and megalomaniac narcissist grandiosity that really is only an immature subterfuge to cover up a deep-seated denial he has learning difficulties.
- a trite, lame and stereotypical voiceover ability, albeit self-claimed as excellent but not supported by the samples which are unuseable commercially
- a complete lack of skill in programming of any sort - none has been seen here
- an abusive temperament and demeanour designed to curry favour in the buully-loser-pack.
- inability to work in a team

Even the self realization that he can't get interviews results in denying he has the problem - it's the successful people who are the problem - not a @Zapshe_No_Soup failure.
I wish I had that level of English..
Never mind.
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I added a fair bit of info about myself in my profile. You sure did Carol and that's why the CEO fired you once your abusive posts were shown. A bad look for the company.
agent max wasn't referring to you but zapshe

@agent max
againtry is a troll. You cannot talk/appeal to something that degenerated
@zapshe_null_job_prospects, by self nomination, is actually anime. In other words a comic cartoon, a piece of scribble with a drip of color, with a trash can resting place for screwed up pulp fiction.
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