what happened to cplusplus.com ?

what happened to cplusplus.com ??
last 2 days I couldn't post a topic nor I could see any topic
yet everything else besides forum is fine
was the forum part down or is it just me ?(tested on computer and smartphone)
Same issue here. Was getting error pages a few days before that as well. Seems like everything is OK now though.
Same here! Was super busted.
Also same with me. I'm thinking, "Hacked". But all seems fine now.
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Well not completely fine. I'm guessing the SQL database went down because this is a backup of the forums. I had replied to a topic about domain names that is no longer here.
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First there was an error message saying something about the database not working. Then the forum came back but new threads were empty and it was not possible to reply. The same thing happened two days on a row. In the beginning the tutorials were down as well.

My guess is hard drive failure.
well...that's bad...some of my topic might dissapear if this is indeed backup of the forums
It's extremely odd, but at present the unix forum doesn't display any topics on my iPad ... but works fine on my PC. Reloading doesn't solve it. All the other forums are (currently) fine.

Very strange.

Edit: ... and now the unix forum has come back on my iPad! Curiouser and curiouser.
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It's a caching issue.

When you request a page the server sends a timestamp of when the page was last modified (i.e. when the last topic was created, modified or removed). Your web browser remembers the timestamp and next time the page is requested it sends the timestamp to the server and if the server does not have a more recent version of the page it just tells the browser it has not been modified without sending the whole page.

I'm not sure what timestamp the server sent while it was not working correctly but if it still sent the same timestamp as before, or a later one, it would mean that when it started to work correctly the browser would still request the page with the timestamp it got when the server was not working and because the timestamp of the page is still the same (no new posts had been made) it just gets told that the page has not been modified.

To force the browser to refresh the page you could try Ctrl+F5 (might differ between browsers). The issue will probably get resolved everywhere automatically as soon as someone post something in the unix section.
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