Ban the user above you 2015

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Ban Cronnoc for putting in question S G H questioning of cause and effect
Ban lockandstrike for banning someone else for participating in this game, then continuing to participate in this game himself.
Banning myself for forgetting to add this link to my previous post
Ban pSned for not banning anyone in his second post and forgetting to link to a stupid image with no actual fun content
Ban lockandstrike for failing to take the chance to point out the obvious. I ban all who question this almighty thread because tits unquestionable.
Ban everyone for almost letting this die...
I ban you for attempting to abuse admin permissions.

chmod 000
I ban S G....

Man just f*ck you man I don't know how to ban you.

F*ck you man.
I ban James27 for posting so many times after being banned, and for language that while censored, is not exactly ambiguous.
I don't ban shadowmouse because he didn't ban me.

I do ban, however, the following poster for posting in this thread.
(This is a preemptive ban. )
I'm not gonna get banned by 'wtf' because I'm going to wait for someone to post below him.
Genius I know right.


Ahhh ****
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I ban the whole of the Cplusplus forum for letting some of my amazing threads die. You heartless people.
I ban James27 for creating a thread that hasn't died for 5 WHOLE MONTHS....
I ban IWishIKnew for having a name which is a hindrance to type...
Ban ya'll again for letting me down.
For making me have to get to 300 posts on my own and dodging reporters lol.
Ban you for receiving three reports despite your efforts.
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