Ban the user above you 2015

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I ban James27 for watching his blackberry die. you should have tried CPR
I tried all CPR's under the chrome windows
Shouldve been checking the wooden windows.
Ban above me for a stupidly simple name.
Ban above me for being racist against people not on fire.
Ban S G H and FireCoder as I don't get the joke....
Ban James27 for lacking a sense of humour ;)
Ban Chowmein for being weally mwean *sniff sniff*
Unban James27 because he is a tender soul.
Ban Chowmein for calling me tender when I'm vewy hawrd. grrrr

Dont turn it into a sex type thing, you know what I mean by the way I said hard. not that kinda hard.
Ban James27 for turning it into a sex thing in his own mind.
Ban Wyboth for only having 19 posts at the time of commenting.
Ban Wyboth for not allowing me to have fun ;) Ban UglyIgloo for only having 23 posts and for being an Igloo that reminds me of building one years ago and then forgetting to put a door in and almost having a panic attack.

Cool story bro.
Ban James for being such a beta that he told us about his Igloo fail.
Ban UglyIgloo for criticising James's failures.
Ban Cronnoc for being opposed to criticism.
Ban UglyIgloo for opposing Cronnoc's opposition to criticism.
Ban Pratik K for continuing to participate in a stupid game
Ban lockandstrike for not realizing this stupid game is actually one of the biggest threads in this forum.

Seriously, how'd it grow this big?
Ban S G H for questioning cause and effect
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