Why dont my burnt operating system dvds boot??

I had burnt the iso images of Kali Linux and Anonymous OS on 2 different dvds. But when I insert one of them the pc doesnt boot even if i select 'boot from cdrom' in the boot menu. But ubuntu and windows and so from sold dvds do boot? Where is the mistiake i did or what do i have to do to make my dvds boot properly?
In your disc burning program did you select to burn the iso image? I don't think it will work if you manually extract the content of the .iso file before burning it.
Why not? And yes, i extracted the data before burning because i wasted 2 dvds which the iso image was burnt on and during the process a malefic error occurred.
Extracting the ISO before burning is a very bad idea as this will not extract the boot sector.

The correct way is to choose "Burn image" from burning program menu, choose ISO file itself (untouched in any way) and then burn to dvd at lowest speed possible. (4X is a good choice).
Can you use a USB thumb-drive? Then you could use dd to carbon copy the contents of the iso to the USB stick. Or if you want a GUI, there's unetbootin
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