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This is quite a generic question, but I want to know who is the best programmer in each section, I know every person has their own thing they are good at in programming but it is matter of personal choice who do you think is the best programmers in each section.

It could also be useful for employers to see best programmers here so that they can contact them.

Do you mean like celebrity programmers or people on this forum? And what do you mean by "section"?
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people on this forum, and I mean the forums such as : Beginners , Windows Programming and such.
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I nominate L B for the best on this lounge. Him BHX, or devon
Forgot to nominate yourself for Lounge too.
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Any more for Beginners and Windows programming and Unix\Linux Programming.

Interesting to see others opinion.
useful for employers to see best programmers here so that they can contact them.

One reason to hide your contact information in programming forums is to have *less* employers contacting you. It's very distracting.

Of the people on this forum, I look forward to JLBorges's posts.
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Well, not always keeping in mind you have a list of jobs to choose from making you have a bigger choice of who to work with.
Duoas and Helios in general. At least, back when they were more active.
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Pretty much anyone with more than 2k posts.
Pretty much anyone with more than 2k posts.

Not really. I have over 1200+ posts and 98% is Lounge posts. 2% in coding, but that is because I think others will always know more than me so I just post whatever in Lounge.
Did anyone say SGH?
I nominate Disch for best all around.
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For games programming I've noticed NGen has a good understanding.

For math Helios without a doubt

For professional software development I would have to say Cubbi since he is very knowledgeable on that subject.

Other members that are very knowledgeable in programming are LB, Disch, Duoas, Naraku and a bunch more but them are just the people that stood out to me.

Ohh and Rapidcoder for anything Java/Oracle related.

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I also nominate Zereo for being good in understanding sarcasm. So would that count towards the lounge?
I nominate Fred for being the most sarcastic in the lounge.
I say we have a nomination for who is allowed to nominate
EDIT: regular expression:
I say we have (a nomination for the)+ for the nomination of who is allowed to nominate
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LOL Script Coder, whats the point of that , it will simply just make it longer I would say we should have a Programmer of Week in which the best programmer is nominated every week to get award called Programmer of Week that way not only it would encourage other members to get more active but also to try harder.

Well it is my idea personally,
On topic, anyone think andywestken is quite a good programmer here. He is quite mature here and also helps.
Lachlan Easton wrote:
Pretty much anyone with more than 2k posts.

I wouldn't go on the number of posts a person has necessarily as a guide to their knowledge. What about someone who has 40+ years of industry experience and 10,000 posts on another forum, but they have 20 posts on this forum?

I have over 2k posts, but I mainly help beginners & sometimes intermediate problems.

BHXSpecter has mentioned his posting profile, but I think he has more knowledge than he is willing to admit. In other words - Back yourself BHX, all info is a help - don't worry about what other people say. There are people who might value your replies, but don't say so.

On topic, how is it going to work given people post their topics seemingly anywhere - even beginners questions in the UNIX section? Also how to gauge someone's ability based on the questions they answer - their actual ability may far exceed any question being asked. Seems to me that you would finish up with a list of posters that people trust. But that is just my view.

Hope all is well at your end :)
I wouldn't go on the number of posts a person has necessarily
I get what you mean, but as a general rule of thumb more posts shows a person has been here longer... and... sorry I don't really know where I was going with this thought.
Anyway I agree with TheIdeasMan, it's difficult to judge people's skill levels (at least accurately) without actually seeing much of the code they produce.
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