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Spare time job with good potential (Cross platform software development)

Good day dear members,

I am looking to create a software that is very specific for industry and so far all options I explored seem to be based on last century's logic and rather tedious.

I have strong vision of how to make this software work and be usable (both from user experience point of view and functionality).

Since I do not have great capital or group of investors (and not really keep for later ones) I am looking for proficient, well experienced software engineer who would be interested to allocate his/her spare time in creating this software in exchange of reward that we will agree before any work commences. This can be anything from fixed sum after XX sales or owning part of the company/product or getting % of each sale - open for discussion.

The requirements for software are:
Cross platform - Linux, MacOS, Windows.
Database management - your choice.
Engineering drawing input/outputs - DXF, PDF, HTML, etc.
Secure authentication features - requiring all users to log in.
Data exchange with other software's - ERP's, MCAD, ECAD etc.
2D and later 3D data handling - external libraries would be perfectly fine.

There is no timeframe, but the sooner we start, the sooner we get paid.

Assumed software would be written in C++ it is not the only language you should be comfortable with. There will certainly be requirement for others, such as Python, HTML, JavaScript etc. So please apply only if sufficient experience/knowledge is present.

I already have web-platform orientated developer on board who will help with deploying server and relevant codding assistance.

Bonus if you have electrical knowledge/experience.

If you find this within your interest and would like to discuss further, subject to the fact that you are comfortable that your skills are proficient for the task, get in contact (PM) and we can take it from there.

Thanks and have a great day.


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Thank you salem for highlighting this. Updated my settings.
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