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How to store cell values of date and numbers in local variables using xlnt library for C++
I am trying to read different cell values from a excel worksheet using the xlnt library for C++ prov...
[1 reply] : does this work? int x = stoi(cell.to_str()); or double d = stod(cell... (by jonnin)
OpenMp: Parallel code takes longer to run than serial code?
I have a serial code with simple forward FFT function and other functions, in the main code a basic ...
[8 replies] Last: nah that 1 thread run isnt random. its likely it cached something afte... (by jonnin)
sdl program not restarting
i have literally spent all night trying to ask the user to if he wants to play again pres enter, and...
[1 reply] : debug it, step through what all your variables are in the second run. ... (by jonnin)
Is there a means of redefining free functions?
I'm writing some unit tests for some extension methods, and some of the other extension methods call...
[1 reply] : yes, you seek preprocessor, look up an example of #ifdef -- it forms a... (by jonnin)
Failure of boost::geometry::within for polygons
Dear experts As this title, I failed boost::geometry::within, some are succeeded but the others a...
[2 replies] Last: @Mitsuru, when you say "failed", what do you mean? Can you give examp... (by lastchance)
Dynamic programming. Recursion. Loops.
Hello! Please tell me how to implement an algorithm with recursion using loops. "main.cpp" #in...
[13 replies] Last: Oh, thanks a lot!) (by hentaimean)
by dkaip
Remove duplicates of vector problem
Hello. I have the classic remove duplicates of vector. At line remove_duplicates(channels); compiler...
[4 replies] Last: Thank you. Finally code. std::vector<channel> channels; te... (by dkaip)
by Laiter
Connectionless p2p library
I'm looking for a simple library that allows me to send packets between pc's using their IP and with...
[2 replies] Last: In that same vein try "socket programming C++" searches if you haven't... (by againtry)
In C++20, <chrono> has been extended by the Howard Hinant date library but some things are missing
Hi, Although it is nice that <chrono> has been extended, there are some functions that I haven't ...
[3 replies] Last: C++ version support for the major compilers is at https://en.cpprefere... (by seeplus)
Is there/What is the C++ version of the strlen function?
Hello there, I was working on my game engine's string class when I ran into an error while trying to...
[2 replies] Last: some decades ago, c++ stuffed all the standard stuff into namespaces a... (by jonnin)
Vector of objects
Hey ya'll I'm new to vectors and I have created a class of PaintJobContracts, which should have fiel...
[4 replies] Last: Hello coff33Cup, keskiverto has a very good answer. I take a more ... (by Handy Andy)
VS2019 16.10 constexpr
VS2019 16.10 is supposed to include support for the C++20 constexpr for std::string and std::vector....
[5 replies] Last: OK. So for compile time definition, you can use constexpr with std:arr... (by seeplus)
FFTW plans using OpenMP
I have the following function using the FFTW3 plan and I am trying to parallelize it with openMP. I ...
[3 replies] Last: This declaration has no storage class or type specifier at line 8 h... (by againtry)
Programming and data structure
Implement an unbounded double-ended Queue (using the single or double-linked list) as a templ...
[1 reply] : I did not have time to read your code closely. However, based on a qu... (by doug4)
by mist3
Storing multi-character character in an array
Hello, I'm having trouble storing non-english letters (ą, č, ū) in a char array. It does store th...
[2 replies] Last: instead of std::string s; say std::u16string s; char16_t instead o... (by jonnin)
Implementation of Sorting Algorithms
You should write a program to sort an array. For this purpose you will implement two sorting algorit...
[10 replies] Last: ^^ this is more important than it seems at first. When I started, I ... (by jonnin)
by axl
Extract certain integers from string and add them.
Hello, so I'm a little stuck with trying to solve this problem out. The task I face is to read thr...
[3 replies] Last: #include <iostream> #include <string> int bigSum(const std::string&... (by seeplus)
SDL music and event que doesnt sync properly
currently i am creating a main menu for a game in which I want a background music played and a diff...
[3 replies] Last: Please don't update code in previous posts. Now @salem c's response m... (by doug4)
Simulating Nodes on a network.
Hi guys, So this is probably a basic networking question, I want to write a script that will simula...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks salem :) Never thought about the above points (by adam2016)
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