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Boost logging library
may i please inquire re/ Boost logging library . a cursory reading of the manual indicates it merely stores strings of the programmer's choosing . i wish to uti...
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Undefined reference when using generics
Recently my class started to dig deeper into working with generics and templates for Java. Since I'm still learning C++, I thought it would be a nice learning e...
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same function name different signature
Why the following code does not compile in g++? struct A { int foo(int x) { return x * 2; } }; struct B: A { int foo(int x, int y) { ...
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output read string between getchar() calls
Hello mates, i dont understand what my code is doning and why. #include <iostream> int main() { std::string msg; int c; while ((c = getchar())...
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by Cplusc
if condition for class constructor
I'm trying to have a class constructor in an if condition but the compiler dos not accept that. here is the code, LattModel::LattModel() :VelocitySet( { 4....
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by wk1999
asio coroutine timer
I am being confused the asio::timer coroutine does not work if I modify the timer in another coroutine: The "Leave foo" never reached: Enter foo Enter ba...
[2 replies] Last: The timer will expire in function bar: timer.expires_after(asio::chron... (by wk1999)
std::string to std::ifstream
I want std::string to be converted to std::ifstream Here is the code written, but unfortunately not working :( ifstream fileList("/home/viraj/Docu...
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main() trailing return type
int main() { } with Clang produces the warning message: <source>:1:5: warning: use a trailing return type for this function [modernize-use-trail...
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by ruzip
Get the last argument of varying argument macro function
Is it possible to get the last argument of a macro function with varying argument count Something like: #define foo(...,var)(var __VA_ARGS__) but thi...
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Permutation of withdrawing 2 balls out of 5
I hope if there is someone have the time to read and help me to solve this problem. I stopped doing programming for a very long time. I am a freelance C++ prog...
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Upcasting and downcasting
Derived d1; Base* BasePtr = &d1; Base& BaseRef = d1; Derived* d2 = new Derived Base* BasePtr2 = d2; During upcasting, Am I upcasting the derived cl...
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by frek
CTAD and concepts in C++20
Hi all, hope you're all very good. Stroustrup says: "Whenever possible use named concepts (e.g., standard-library concepts)", but I have a guess for the time b...
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Hit a wall trying to implement radix sort
So I have been tasked with implementing a radix sort for school, and while the professor left comments explaining how to implement, and I feel I understand the ...
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