get data from text file and send to text field

I need to make something like copy and paste

Having file, get string from here, need to send (paste) it to the field where cursor now at.

Please advise
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What field? What library/framework are you using with C++ for gui?
Im using Qt Editor, but I think it does not matter.

any field where you can print, I'm making AutoHotKey analog, when I press lets say ctrl + T, I want to send some text from file to field (webrowser text field, command line text field, or word document text field)
Im using Qt Editor, but I think it does not matter.

It does matter. If it's "your" application that you control, then you can simply do something like this, for example:

QTextEdit *myTextEdit = /* .. */
QString text = myTextEdit->textCursor().selectedText();

...assuming your are writing a Qt-based application with a QTextEdit widget:

(There are similar ways with other widgets, such as a QLineEdit)

If you want to "exfiltrate" the text from a third-party application, things will be more difficult!

You can install a clipboard listener, so that your application will be informed, via WM_CLIPBOARDUPDATE, on every clipboard change:

You can then get the clipboard contents, after each change, via OpenClipboard() + GetClipboardData() + CloseClipboard().

But there is no easy way to "force" a third-party application to copy the desired text to the clipboard... 🤔
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