Error C3688 invalid literal suffix 'CLASSES_LIST'; literal operator or literal operator template 'operator ""CLASSES_LIST' ...

I'm getting the above error in Visual Studio 2019. I'm posting a link to two screen shots so you can see what I'm talking about. I'm happy to post code as soon as I find out what you guys need.

Didn't we already have a thread about this? You need to put spaces between other macros and string literals.
Yep. Exact same problem. It helps to look at the code that the compiler points out to you.
I'm really sorry guys. I've been staring at error codes for several days and just didn't notice the similarities. In my defense, the "not found" part of the message is on the second line which, for some reason, I totally over looked. I will be more careful moving forward.

In regards to the error, I made the necessary changes to the operator spacing and all related operators and I'm still getting the same error. The only major thing I've changed between the original post you're referring to and this one is I changed "/permissive" to "/permissive-" which solved most of the errors I was getting.

What am I missing?
Post the error with the modified code.
You're highlighting the wrong line. The red squiggly lines are clearly pointing to the line below, where you've written
"Creation of sample  "CLASSES_LIST"  file option selected - file already exists!\n"
instead of
"Creation of sample " CLASSES_LIST " file option selected - file already exists!\n"
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