How to insert and print array elements?

and the C++ question is.......
PLEASE USE CODE TAGS (the <> formatting button to the right), when posting code!

Along with the proper indenting, it makes it easier to read your code, and thus also easier to respond to your post.

Tutorials on how to use code tags:

I've found the second link to be the most help.

Hint: You can hit "edit post", highlight your code and then press the <> formatting button.
Note: This will not automatically indent your code! That part is up to you!

I've found it's easiest to copy and paste pre-indented code directly from the IDE, that way it is already properly formatted.

You can use the "preview" button at the bottom to see how it looks.
Using Code Tags, @Handy Andy, from

Rules & Regulations for posting on C++ forums

1: Try your best to solve your problem on your own before posting; no one appreciates people dumping their homework assignments without even trying to do them first.

2: Explain your problem or assignment very clearly (or just post the assignment itself).

3: Post whatever code you have already written, so we can see that you've actually made some effort on it, as well as any compiler errors, warnings, etc that you are having trouble with. This is linked to 1 above.

4: When you post your code, use code tags:

It makes your code easier to read, along with proper indenting (just copy and paste your code directly from your IDE to preserve formatting).
Rules&Regs, @JRmanx, from

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The OP is spam. Read the post and see the obvious spam link before bumping it. But at least because you bumped it, I noticed that it was spam... so I suppose all's well that ends well.
LOL, I didn't even look at his link. I figured it was some seedy website where he got his code from, and it probably was getting a weird error on his compiler or something like that.

And, he's gone.
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