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by Rongo
Reading a in file
Hello, for a class project I need to write a code that spell checks a book from a file against a dic...
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by Rongo
iterating through a linked list
I am creating a spell checker that uses a dictionary in a linked list. I also have a book fin anothe...
[2 replies] Last: Read the words in the dictionary file into a list (std::list), if you ... (by JLBorges)
c++ beginner - input name using struct
This is the description of the practise im doing. Write a program that reads peoples’ names and a...
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for triangle
I want to put the square in between the triangles to create a star, I don't know where to put my cod...
[1 reply] : These kinds of homework work best when you get yourself some graph pap... (by Duthomhas)
Error when iterating through template function with char
The for loop I'm using in the header file of a school project doesn't seem to be working. There seem...
[1 reply] : Show the code that called it. Your error message is clear as it stand... (by lastchance)
swap c++/ reference
Is really necessary to use reference variable when create function to swap elements like below! ...
[6 replies] Last: a pointer is a lot like a reference, but a pointer is NOT a reference.... (by jonnin)
How to store something in a string without user input?
Hi! I am working on another project, and got stuck...again. This time, my problem is that I want to ...
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Sentinel Value and If statements
Hello! I am a beginner coder and I am stuck on sentinel values. The problem is that I cannot get the...
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by nvadam
If within for loop, 'if' not activating
I have an input of one integer from 1 up to 100(lets call this N). Then another N number of boolean ...
[3 replies] Last: yepp seems like it was nothing to do with this loop.. thanks i worked ... (by nvadam)
hi all I am a beginner to C++ and I need some advice for my programme
#include <iostream> #include<string> using namespace std; int main(int argc, char** argv) { ...
[6 replies] Last: It would be more usual for Quit to be an option on the menu - rather t... (by seeplus)
HTTP GET winsock
Small HTTP client console app trying to understand GET requests. It always connects every single tim...
[8 replies] Last: > thanks, I just didn't understand that recv() could return data in pi... (by salem c)
Begginer need help at homework
Hello, this week we just started at school learning basic c++ operations, the theacher is an older m...
[2 replies] Last: but is it that you don't know how to code the c++ stuff - or don't und... (by seeplus)
BMR Calculator for chocolates
I'm somewhat new to programming and have been assigned to see how many chocolate bars it would take ...
[2 replies] Last: A bit of helpful advice.... PLEASE learn to use code tags, they make... (by George P)
Visual Studio: Opening Windows
OK. Weird question. I want to make a program in C++ that can open a exe that the user probably alre...
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Populating a linked list
Hi, Basic question. I'm trying to rekindle my C++ skills and I'm working through online problems. I...
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int *y = malloc(100);
Can someone explain line Nr (9) and what is malloc function? #include <stdio.h> #include <stdl...
[5 replies] Last: if you care, this is C code. C++ usually uses new instead of malloc. ... (by jonnin)
namespace issue with scope
Hello, I am a beginner at writing c++. In the code below, I am trying to include this namespace b...
[6 replies] Last: @seeplus ahh, I see, I will add that to the code instead of the int th... (by SemogEnaz)
Inverting modulas???
In equaltion, x%3=2 how can i calculate x??
[6 replies] Last: I think its a "remainder operator" not a "modulo operator". Restrict t... (by lastchance)
Can someone write comments on this code to be more understandable #include <stdio.h> #include...
[4 replies] Last: It can do something that surprises us; the program may engender undefi... (by JLBorges)
How to write this as a forloop program?
It goes like this, If the input is 5 it should output this. 3.6.9 4.8 5 Any ...
[5 replies] Last: ah, the single loop was not so bad with the extra variable. I was thi... (by jonnin)
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