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"String subscript out of range."
Hello all, I am working on an assignment for my intro to programming class. The program is supposed to read input from a file, encrypt it, then write the enc...
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Searching and filtering a word in a text file
Can u help me with the filter and search code (c++) 1. Filter 2. Search 1. Teacher should be able to filter the list through attribute of subjects and form....
[4 replies] Last: Perhaps as a simple C++20 starter: #include <iostream> #include <fs... (by seeplus)
Histogram C++ (Values to Intervals)
I am trying to create a histogram by converting the values into intervals. I am not sure how to go about this and running into many problems. #include ...
[2 replies] Last: A couple of points (re OP code): L13, 17 can be combined: const au... (by seeplus)
fstream files as true
I was writing a program to check if a username has already been logged on a separate file. I saw somewhere that using getLine with fstream will return the file ...
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by chipp
size of array of char*'s value
i wanna ask if, for example, i made a variable like this: const char * p_char = {"asd", "cvbz", "fghjbnm"}; why the sizeof () can't show each of its ...
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Create a function called isSameTree
Create a function called bool isSameTree that will take an argument of a tree. It will return a true if the argument is the equivalent tree or return false if...
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by vboro
Vector same element problem?
Hi! My current task is to make a list of ingredients for a cocktail, stored in a vector. If the ingredient, which the user types in is already in the vector, t...
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Is there a way to use multiple objects from one class within another class?
I'm trying to refactor a function as a class so I can use multiple instances. The function currently uses four objects of the same class. The objects are inst...
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