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by Wenzi
Loops and arrays
Write a program that receives the number of students the users wants to enter as an input. Next, the program should ask the users to enter the marks that each o...
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Elements appearing in arrays that shouldn't exist
The problem I'm solving involves deleting an element of an array and making sure there are no empty spaces. The program works as intended but while testing it, ...
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confusion about the parameter of "emplace"
this is the declaration of "emplace": template <class... Args> iterator emplace (const_iterator position, Args&&... args); so i wonder if i can pass multiple p...
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by jonnin
Pointers in C
OK :) the concept: assuming you know about arrays (if not, draw back and punt, go study arrays!) then a pointer is the array index to a giant array that we cal...
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Class - inheritance
Hi everyone. I'm dealing with classes. Here I'm doing a class "materialPoint" which inheritate the data-members of other two classes ("particle" and "position")...
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Help code C not build
void LED_update() //cập nhật dữ liệu hiển thị ra bảng LED { for(int line_height=0;line_height<ScanMode;line_height++) { int count=0; ...
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switch statement
I am trying to create different data structures based on what the user inputs, I am wanting to use a switch to determine it. But the compiler is giving errors, ...
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by bensan
Select, Copy & Paste in PHP & CodeIgniter
We are building a website with CodeIgniter & have created the facility where a user can create their own advert. We are saving the adverts in an adverts folder ...
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by vysero
Print std::string
Hey guys, I am trying to call a method which was declared like so: const std::string& getFirmwareVersion() const { return m_ecuFirmwareVersion; } ...
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by NowIC
printf() with %p
#include <stdio.h> typedef struct { int x; int y; } point_t; typedef struct { point_t center; int radius; } circle_t; int main(int argc, c...
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implement while and for loops in functions to return the first integer
i started to learn c++ with only tutorial from the internet and i have this problem when starting to learn about the loops the question was : The function P...
[1 reply] : There is a problem with function p(). If i is not 20, then the return ... (by seeplus)
Reading from file and inserting into existing linked list node
Hi, so I have a linked list with nodes storing student names, course, id, phone number and so on. In the function below, i am trying to read from a file and add...
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by asees
problem with deletion of a map element and insertion of a new element in its place.
Hello everyone. This question is from the book "Jumping into C++", chapter 19. I have removed "<" from HTML tags, so that the whole question is visible. Wri...
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C++ class static member variable definition
Hi, I am doing my book book problem right now, "C++ from control structures through objects". I am learning more about classes right now. The first chapter of "...
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Not c++ but hope someone can help with git
I am sorry that this is not a c++ question, but I hate to ask on stackoverflow, feels like everyones task there is to make you sound stupid, and here everyone s...
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by AkiraC
sum and mean of the number in loop
Hi there, so I made this program that ask users to enter a series of number and then the program will show the total number that the user entered, the sum and m...
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Trying to understand what is bad about my code...
So my professor for a beginners c++ class docked me 2 points for a quiz to write a program based on a given 2D array. He gave us that our array had to be initi...
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system("TASKKILL") Processes With Spaces
I'm writing a program that kills a bunch of processes at once (Windows x64). The main question I have is that I'm trying to figure out how to deal with processe...
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int_max , int_min, leetcode problem
Hello, I am trying some leetcode problems but couldnt solve it and had to look at the solution. But I am a bit confused with it. Mostly the 2 lines with INT_MAX...
[2 replies] Last: It's basically to detect numeric overflow and underflow. And because ... (by salem c)
How to make a function to determine whether a point is inside a polygon
Let us say we have a class that represents a point in the plane as two unsigned short integers. Now let us say we have a class that represents a line segment an...
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