Decode dtmf tones

Ok so right off the bat, its been 6 years or mord since i've dabbled with c++ and i was never more then a novice at it. Now i have an idea that i want to make a reality but its gonna take some custom programs to make happen.

Heres the idea: i want to make my own private mobile network of sorts. Before you tell me it cant be done or its way to difficult- i already have a functioning proof of concept.

My current system works like this: i have a uhf/vhf radio. I have several rtl-sdr dongles and antennas for them. I have an sdr c9nsole program on an old computer that uses the sdr dongles to receive radio trqnsmissions from my uhf/vhf radio. From there i use vbaudio cable to pipe the received audio into a program called dtmf decoder.

With this current setup i have been able to transmit dtmf codes to my computer from accross the city i live in, and the computer has been able to decode the tones correctly.

But heres the issue- dtmf decoder dose just that, It decodes dtmf codes and nothing else. It writes these decoded to es to a log file but theres no option to make use of the decoded tones in any way.

What i want to be able to do is use dtmf tones to control my computer remotely via radio. More specificly i want to.punch in a code on the radio, have my computer receive and decode it, interpret it as some sort of comand then execute an action accordingly- for example i use my radio to tone the code 1173, the computer receives and decodes it, interprets it as a command to transmit back a audio message, or sstv signal, or its own dtmf code, or whatever.

Im not asking you guys to make this program for me, all im asking is where would i even begin on the software side of things. Is it possible to decode dtmf directly via a c++ program if i fed it dirrectly with the raw audio from the sdr console progrqm? Is it possible to use the log file from the existing dtmf decoder program to give inputs to my own custom software for interpreting the codes.

I am willing to learn whatever i need to learn to do this, but the problem is at this point i dont even know what i dont know, if you understand me
You need to process an audio signal and detect two frequencies in the audio signal. The combination of the two frequencies determines the key.

	1209 Hz	1336 Hz	1477 Hz	1633 Hz
697 Hz	1	2	3	A
770 Hz	4	5	6	B
852 Hz	7	8	9	C
941 Hz	*	0	#	D

If you want to generate DTMF signals, the process is the reverse. Generate the frequencies corresponding to the row and column in the above table.
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