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Honestly, though, every time someone says “I was reading Deitel & Deitel and...” I have almost always had to groan about something.

It was when I began searching to learn more about why that was so common that I discovered Yechiel’s list.
I am not a fan of books period for C++ .. they go in and out of usefulness in < 5 years. Electronic media, like learncpp, that is updated is far better. Every book I have bought (probably stopped around 2000, 2005 maybe) is garbage now.

D&D do pretty well considering they write for a variety of languages at a introductory level. A c++ dedicated author will do better, but I always liked their style. Its rarely flat out wrong, but they seem to occasionally miss updating a section or two from the last or even older version. What is weird is I KNOW I had one of theirs in the classroom way before 2000 but everything online seems to indicate they started in 2001 for c++.
I have a C++ Deitel book published 1994
C++: How To Program

Note that the early books were by just Harvey Deitel and not also by Paul Deitel.
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I had Schildt's book about C when I had to learn C. Then I found commentaries about that book online that highlighted the lack of attention to detail. I did shift to C++ regardless.

Style matters a lot. Meyers and Sutter, while their (older) works do not describe modern C++ details, emphasize on "think". That mindset is useful with (any) language but yes, one has to gather the details from somewhere.
I think back then a lot had Schildt's books. I have a couple on Turbo C (and a pocket reference) from 1987/88. My main gripe with them were the mistakes. I also have his early C++ Reference Guide book (1996). The best I can say about that is it's a good doorstop and best to just draw a veil over that and pretend it doesn't exist...
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I have a couple of Schildt books for both C++ and Windows from 1998. They were so full of mistakes and errors that even Visual Studio and Turbo C had problems getting the written code to compile as is.

As frustrating as it was for me since I was still a very wet-behind-the-ears self-taught programming hobbyist with no-one I could ask questions, and very limited online 'net resources, over-all I am grateful for the experience.
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